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dimanche 6 octobre 2013


EPIC is the new animated movie of the guys who made Ice Age. It tells the story of a battle between little guys in the wood and little dark guys of shadows who want to destroy all the forests: the Jinns and the Boggans.
The EPIC game is all this universe put on the Kingdom & Lords game published by Gameloft in 2012. This is a mix between battles and headquarters managements. The whole being guided by the movie story and events on a high level, and by a succession of micro-tasks on a low level.

#HQ management
HQ management is taking some roots into Dune 2 where you have to construct buildings that will generate more resources and buildings that will generate military units. Be careful with the buildings you buy because you won’t be able to destroy them, and there is not too much free space.
Your resources are limited and you have to be patient while more resources are being generated or you can buy them with aura, the game’s money.

This gameplay is really similar to others city builders we can find on mobiles, like the Aida’s X-City, within papaya platform.

This duality #HQManagement and #Battles is very good mix that we can also find in the X-COM series.

Battles are kind of light-rpg style. A unit will win another one applying the old rock, paper, scissor rules so before the battle, you choose your army’s five units depending on the enemy’s army you’ll have to fight and on the units you have produced during headquarters management mode.

Then you enter in combat mode. Battles are turn-by-turn, but going quick on a automatic mode. Your only actions during the battles are to activate or not some attack and defence bonuses. These bonuses have to be bought with aura.
Being tied with EPIC movie, this game can be played for free and is including freemium mechanics. One of the game’s defaults is that the price of aura is quite high and, in my opinion, it restrains any impulsion of buying them.

The alternance between management and battles gives the game an entertaining pace, mixing it with a story and an environment as nice as EPIC’s ones and you would be playing this game for hours.

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